The Universial Project Olympiad (UNIPO) aims to give opportunity for every single student to demonstrate his/her ideas to change the world to the better in the easiest way and globally. Students have innovative ideas on today’s challenges in energy, engineering, environment and creating a more sustainable world for tomorrow. By working on their ideas they can make projects and participate in science fairs and project Olympiads for demonstrations; however, participating in them sometimes may be challenge itself for students. The best side of UNIPO is it is conducted online, which makes it more available for wider participants.

UNIPO has advantages, like

  • No travel cost: There is no cost! No need to take a plane or planes and go to the other side of planet to participate in project Olympiad. It is just online. However, your project will find audience globally.
  • No missed lessons: Students miss lessons while participating in traditional project Olympiads. It can take up to 2 weeks in total with long flights and resting after jetlags. However, participating in UNIPO doesn’t interfere with your lesson schedule. You can prepare your project after lessons or weekends and submit it to us.
  • Fair judging: Judges are international scholars who are professional in their fields. And as there is no host country, there is no advantage to anybody 🙂
  • No health risks: Even though there are some kinds of travel health insurances, it is risky to travel with chronic illness or emergency case may appear. And it may be unconventional to get medical care abroad. However, as you don’t need to travel? There is no health risk related to travel.
  • No documentation: Preparing invitations, passports, visas, parental permits, official permits from authorities and etc take huge amount of time as well as consume significant amount of money. No need to prepare them to participate in UNIPO.
  • Missed air plane or getting lost: Another big problem is missing a plane, which may occur seldom when you are travelling with a group and taking multiple flights. Also, students may get lost in airport, station or unknown city, which may cause other unwanted problems. No need to fly for UNIPO.

   So, hoping to make participation in international project Olympiad easy, we launched the Universal Project Olympiad. UNIPO is the first science project Olympiad in which any student can participate by just completing research and sending presentation online to us. The projects will be evaluated by Jury members. We invited experts from different fields and from all over the globe to maximize fairness of evaluations. After evaluations and announcing results participants will receive certificates and medals sent by postal service. We hope that the ideas coming from students will find the audiences and as a result will make the world a better and sustainable place to live!