Universal Project Olympiad (UNIPO) is international project competition among school students. The competition is conducted annually by Organizing Committee of UNIPO. Students who perform project can participate in the contest in five categories; namely, physics, chemistry, ecology, invention and IT. The advantage which makes UNIPO different from other project Olympiads is it is conducted online. The main aim behind this is to give every student a chance to participate in an international project Olympiad. Moreover, all registered projects will be evaluated by Jury Members. Jury Members of UNIPO are international scholars who are professional in their respective fields. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to guide their students through conducting project as what they mean to their students can be compared as what lighthouses mean to ships. Also, we are launching our social channel in which participants from all over the world meet each other and share their visions and experiences. The recorded presentations will be accessible through internet and any interested individual can see them from wherever he/she is. We hope that the ideas coming from students will find the audiences and as a result will make the world a better and sustainable place to live! “TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TO THE BETTER!”