CodePROJECT TITLEParticipant 1Participant 2MEDAL
1604A new way to produce ethanolHajar BenainoussIkbal BingulGOLD
9002Fighting against the greenhouse effect gases with the help of a new innovative methodAngel IvanovGOLD
9004Protecting the skin from pollution while treating skinSevde Leyla TorGOLD
6001Fireproof homes-the next generation of retardantsZarifeh IasminVerdes Vlada AndreaGOLD
9011Enriching simple yogurts with antioxidants found in fruitBisera AlchevskaMarijana DavitkovaSILVER
9006Zeolite ┬ľ a miracle from the nature that removes heavy metals from the waterStefan KrstevskiTea CvetanovskaSILVER
2003E-himiyaMyratnazar CharyyevPerman YagmyrovSILVER
1704Of a natural acid-base indicator by hibiscus sabdariffapreparation of a natural acid-base indicator by hibiscus sabdariffaAhmet Amir CerrahogluFatou Abdou NdiayeSILVER
1702The yellow miracleDieynaba BarryAicha MbowSILVER
6002Solar water distillation for drinkingBondoc TudorStan Matei IoanSILVER
1601Arsenic poisoningLudumila Cardoso ManjateShirley Da Grace Bombate MutevuieSILVER
9016Production of electrical energy during the fermentation of red wine into vinegarArtiot XhabiriBRONZE
9017Agricultural and animal wastes as organic fertilizersDona ShterjovaKostadin MitkovBRONZE
9001The secret cure for polluted environment hides in the environment itself.Natali RisteskaBisera LozanovskaBRONZE
3007Treatment of goiter (thyroid gland) by walnut shellAbdyrakhmanov TemirlanEmilbekov EmirBRONZE
8001The use of calcium carbide for the removal of sunken shipsSteven Zola Makondekwa MassiyaTercio Leonel Lopes De SousaBRONZE
3010Wonderful method of cleaning water and the novel method of producing biodiesel with glycerine from unusable oil.Aliiarbekov EmirlanTorobekov UrmatBRONZE
6003The filtration of the water using banana peelsRababah ShadiGhazi ImanBRONZE
1045Modified synthesis of tiuronsBarotov OybekNazarov MirfozilBRONZE
3006Cleaning oily wastewater, combination of extraction and absorption methods.Sultanov AlisherAmanov MederBRONZE
9003An innovative technical conversion upon used tires through the process of thermal decompositionAngel IvanovGjorgji KichukovBRONZE
1035Save the worldEmomalii TurakhonRavshanov MehrojBRONZE