Finally, the great day has arrived; results of UNIPO-2017 are announced! It was amazing to see 157 projects with 300 participants from 15 countries in the 1st UNIPO. We congratulate all the participants!!! Should be mentioned that participants, supervisors and juries have done a great job. We want to say that supervisors, like Mrs.Sabire Alkin from Macedonia, Mr.Berdimyrat Yazhanov and Mr.Dovlet Bazarov from Turkmenistan were very determined and active in UNIPO-2017. Also, our honorary juries showed an outstanding work by evaluating the projects in a short time. Also, UNIPO Organizing staff demonstrated hard work and creativity. We really appreciate everyone’s effort that made UNIPO-2017 so wonderful!!! Now, as the results are known, obviously everyone is wondering about certificates and medals. We kindly inform you that preparing and sending certificates will take up to a week. Your certificates will be sent to contact emails that you have registered. Medals will be sent, to those who qualify, via standard postal service. Please, note that time of delivery depends on your location and postal service performance. We are aware that in the 1st year we were not perfect; however, we have been trying very hard to make UNIPO a great event and will do our best in future. Of course, we need each of you to achieve this goal!

medalsUNIPO-2017 medals:Gold, Silver, Bronze