“Together we can change the world to the better place”
“Together we can change the world to the better place”
Welcome to Unipo-2019
Welcome to Unipo-2019

About us

Universal Project Olympiad (UNIPO) is international project competition among school students. The competition is conducted annually by Organizing Committee of UNIPO. Students who perform project can participate in the contest in five categories; namely, physics, chemistry, ecology, invention and IT. The advantage which makes UNIPO different from other project Olympiads is it is conducted online. The main aim behind this is to give every student a chance to participate in an international project Olympiad. Moreover, all registered projects will be evaluated by Jury Members. Jury Members of UNIPO are international scholars who are professional in their respective fields. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to guide their students through conducting project as what they mean to their students can be compared as what lighthouses mean to ships. Also, we are launching our social channel in which participants from all over the world meet each other and share their visions and experiences. The recorded presentations will be accessible through internet and any interested individual can see them from wherever he/she is. We hope that the ideas coming from students will find the audiences and as a result will make the world a better and sustainable place to live! “TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TO THE BETTER!”



No travel cost:
No travel cost: There is no cost! No need to take a plane or planes and go to the other side of plan...
No missed lessons:
Students miss lessons while participating in traditional project Olympiads. It can take up to 2 week...
No health risks:
Even though there are some kinds of travel health insurances, it is risky to travel with chronic ill...
Fair judging:
Judges are international scholars who are professional in their fields. And as there is no host coun...
No documentation:
Preparing invitations, passports, visas, parental permits, official permits from authorities and etc...

Organizing Comittee of UNIPO-2019

President of Unipo
Mr.Alexandr Ishmatow - International Board Member at IOI
Mr.Jasur D. - MA in Education from University of South Wales, UK
Head of Jury
Dr.Farrukh V. - Researcher from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Media and Web
Mr.Shuhrat - Education and IT Specialists


Physics & Chemistry

We work with people from

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Very great olimpiad . We’ll try to attend next year too. Thanks for your work!


Congratulation to all UNIPO organizators! We were waiting like this olympiads. Thank you very much! Best regards.


Thanks for Who did UNIPO 2017. I get good place. Thank for all juries.It was great Olimpiad.


Thanks a lot for UNIPO. We will happy now.. I think UNIPO is very important for every students…

Latest news

The Registration period is started!
February 15, 2019
REGISTRATION UNIPO-2019 The Registration period for UNIPO-2019 has finally begun!!! Now, you can register your project! For more information please contact at ...
Registration for UNIPO-2018 continues!
March 2, 2018
Greetings from UNIPO team! We would like to inform you that registration for UNIPO-2018 is going with more excitement than previous year. We can see last yea...
New poster for UNIPO-2018
January 24, 2018
New poster for UNIPO-2018 with schedule!!!
Happy New Year…!!!
December 31, 2017
Happy New Year !!! 2017 was amazing. We will remember it as a launch year of UNIPO. However, it is almost over. Soon it will be a new one: Year 2018. In this y...
The Grand Prix Winners of UNIPO-2017
June 2, 2017
UNIPO-2017 results were announced before. Let us take a look at Invention category Grand Prix winner's presentation here. You can watch other Grand Prix winners...
Results of UNIPO-2017 are announced!!!
May 7, 2017
Finally, the great day has arrived; results of UNIPO-2017 are announced! It was amazing to see 157 projects with 300 participants from 15 countries in the 1st U...
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