CodeTITLEParticipant 1Participant 2Medal
6005ZERO COSTAlessandra Andrea Da SilvaNicole Daniella AmadoGold(gp)
3012Biodiesel: an Alternative to Conventional FuelUglean Teodora MariaVerdes Vlada AndreaGold
8019Flax Seeds as an Egg Replacer and much moreKiril ShotarovskiGold
8025Biodegradable rayon from cottonMartina TanevaStefani PetrovaGold
1025Obtaining biodiesel, glycerine and protein rich food for hens by recycling cotton seed remainGochnazar OrazovGoshun NurnyyazovGold
2003Waste water purification using moringa oliefera extractsBinta AbdulwahabDutches IrimuorenSilver
6001Effective and reusable candidate for the removal of Ethylene blue from aqueous solutionZEINAB SHABIR MAHARERIN RESSANO MACANZESilver
8001"From zeolite, fish bones and eggshells to clean soil"Bisera LozanovskaSilver
1201Thunder as FertilizerArdit VezajFatih CokoSilver
1023Obtaining organic glueSerdar AkmammedovPirli RejepovSilver
1305World's smile against carbondioxide effects by special spongeAlly Juma SaidSilver
3006HYDROHOMEZarifeh IasminBronze
3010Magnetic nanoparticlesElbaraa ElbesraouiBronze
3015Analysis of different brands of soft drinksSTOIAN Rares-StefanSAVA Edgar-MaximilianBronze
2002Ceramic Water FiltersFavour AdaobiArafat AbubakarBronze
3018Borax and it's usesPatran Paul-AdrianBronze
1008Research on nitrate ion absorption degree of plants on salinated soilsDovlet AmanovBronze
3020The Invisible EnemyNita DianaCabaua MariaBronze
3024An organic solventAna Maria CiobanhNaslau AlexandraBronze
1066To prepare "Human manures" and benefit from them in agricultureDidar NuryyevDovletmyrat TejenovBronze
3011Bioeffects of microwaveTRAMUNDANA Alin GeorgeNEAGU DavidHonorable
1801Adsorption of lead (II) ions in aqueous solution using activated carbons from neem tree (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) barkYvonne Caryll R. LampasAubrey P. BumanglagHonorable