The Registration period is started!



The Registration period for UNIPO-2019 has finally begun!!! Now, you can register your project! For more information please contact at

Annual Schedule

Registration starts – 15 Feb 2019

Registration deadline – 15 Apr 2019

Announcement of result – 30 Apr 2019


Registration for UNIPO-2018 continues!


Greetings from UNIPO team!

We would like to inform you that registration for UNIPO-2018 is going with more excitement than previous year. We can see last year supervisors are very active in participation to our contest this year, which shows that they were satisfied from UNIPO-2017 performance. Also, new participants from different countries showing interest in UNIPO-2018. We would greet all of them and all of you to join us to make UNIPO greatest project Olympiad…

Happy New Year…!!!

Happy New Year…!!!


Happy New Year !!!

2017 was amazing. We will remember it as a launch year of UNIPO. However, it is almost over. Soon it will be a new one: Year 2018. In this year we will see UNIPO-2018, the next step to make our Olympiad a global competition which helps all to demonstrate their innovative ideas. The deadlines will be announced soon. For now, as UNIPO team we wish all of you 366 days of happiness, 52 weeks of joy and 12 month of prosperity in upcoming year. Happy New Year…!!!


Results of UNIPO-2017 are announced!!!


Finally, the great day has arrived; results of UNIPO-2017 are announced! It was amazing to see 157 projects with 300 participants from 15 countries in the 1st UNIPO. We congratulate all the participants!!! Should be mentioned that participants, supervisors and juries have done a great job. We want to say that supervisors, like Mrs.Sabire Alkin from Macedonia, Mr.Berdimyrat Yazhanov and Mr.Dovlet Bazarov from Turkmenistan were very determined and active in UNIPO-2017. Also, our honorary juries showed an outstanding work by evaluating the projects in a short time. Also, UNIPO Organizing staff demonstrated hard work and creativity. We really appreciate everyone’s effort that made UNIPO-2017 so wonderful!!! Now, as the results are known, obviously everyone is wondering about certificates and medals. We kindly inform you that preparing and sending certificates will take up to a week. Your certificates will be sent to contact emails that you have registered. Medals will be sent, to those who qualify, via standard postal service. Please, note that time of delivery depends on your location and postal service performance. We are aware that in the 1st year we were not perfect; however, we have been trying very hard to make UNIPO a great event and will do our best in future. Of course, we need each of you to achieve this goal!

medalsUNIPO-2017 medals:Gold, Silver, Bronze

Registration period is closed. Time for EVALUATIONS!!!


Congratulations! Together we have put the first step to competeing in the first online international science olympiad. The registration period for UNIPO-2017 is closed. It is very nice to see that the first UNIPO has attracted more than 150 projects from 15 countries; from Mangolia to Mozambique and from Macedonia to Turkmenistan. Unfortunately, some people from other regions have contacted us about participation in UNIPO-2017; however, they couldn’t register their projects. Nevermind, we will be waiting them in future olympiads. So, as the registrations are done we can pass to evaluations. In the next days our honorary juries will evaluate every project and grade them accordingly. Together with you we will learn about results on 10th May, 2017 or soon after this date. We wish every of you the best in evaluations and in your future life!!!



In these few days we have been recieving many requests from candidate participants to extend the registration deadline so that they can finish their projects. Finally, UNIPO Organizing Comittee decided to extend registeration period until 28th April as it doesnt interfere the other shedule dates and make possible to some more to be part of UNIPO-2017. We wish all the bests for our all participants!!!

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Last 10 Days of registration for UNIPO-2017!!!


The registration period for UNIPO-2017 continues, but we enter to last 10 days! We want to share some news here with you. Firstly, there is a new jury in our Olympiad: Mrs. Nelly Myo Tint, a Project Olympiads Coordinator from Myanmar, will be one of the juries in Chemistry/Ecology categories. Also, participants from new countries have been conducted with us about participation in UNIPO-2017. These countries are Romania, Senegal, Angola, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Irak. We warmly welcome them all!!!

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Registration for UNIPO-2017 continues!!! And a reminder!


The registration period for UNIPO-2017 continues. Students from new countries, Kosovo and Romania, have pre-registered their projects in UNIPO-2017. We warmly welcome them! Also, there is a small reminder amout registration process: registration to UNIPO-2017 is conducted through email address. Please, submit your projects to it! Do not forget to name your files in a format as “Country Name_Your Project Name” How to appy. Thank you for being a part of UNIPO!!!

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